Plugin release: WC Welcome Message for WooCommerce

Posted on April 2, 2016

Designs 4 The Web has released a second new plugin to the WordPress repository. The plugin is aimed a those looking to make a more personalized connection with their WooCommerce store visitors by displaying a personalized welcome message on the site in a widget area through the use of a shortcode. The plugin is called WC Welcome Message and it can be found here on the repository.

WC Welcome Message allows you to personally interact with your WooCommerce store visitors. Included with the plugin are two new fields found in the WooCommerce general settings section which allow you to create unique personalized messages for both returning customers and guests. These messages are then easy to include in your posts, pages, and widgets using a shortcode.

Quick and easy to use backend for WC Welcome Message.

Quick and easy to use backend for WC Welcome Message.

This plugin was something that I recently developed while working on the Dajana Design project. Dajana wanted to be able to greet her site visitors whether they were dropping by for the fist time or a returning customer. I thought it was a great idea but couldn’t find anything out there that had already been coded which was surprising. Although I’m sure the functionality exists embedded in some other premium plugin that does a hundred other things.

Check out some of the screenshots below to see how this looks on the front end of the site. As you’ll notice my demo site uses the WordPress 2016 theme. Nothing fancy.

Download WC Welcome Message

Why not grab the plugin and test it out on your own site? You’re gonna be glad that you did!


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