How to use the WP Welcome Message Plugin for Notifications

Posted on May 5, 2015

Looking for a quick way to alert your site visitors of something important? Look no further than the WP Welcome Message Plugin. For novice users of WordPress it doesn’t get any easier than this plugin which keeps it simple and delivers in a big way. Once installed and activated you get a new nav item in the admin dashboard called “Welcome Message”. Click on that and you are taken to a page where you can create a message for your site visitors that they will see upon entering your site.

Some of the features that I like most about this plugin are that you can set whether or not you want the message to appear on all pages or just the homepage. Additionally, you can also set it so that it will only appear for users the first time they enter the site or each and every time they visit using a cookie to keep track of unique visits. You can also change the style of the notification and the animation as well.

I really love this plugin because it’s simple to setup and use and really provides a great service. The best feature of course is that it’s a FREE plugin. Check out the video below created by the plugin developer to see firsthand what it looks like and how it’s used.

How to use the WordPress WP Welcome Message Plugin

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